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Can I submit materials for seeking representation?

As for accepting unsolicited material from artists, we do not. Our reality is that the volume of work we do on behalf of our roster precludes us from taking the necessary time to review and respond to incoming artist packages.

Our agency has built itself by supporting independent artists, on representing those we feel are an appropriate match to our roster. Making the decision to sign someone is a time consuming and very involved process for us. We endeavor to maintain a roster representative of artists both established and developing, with our criteria remaining to offer representation when we feel we can provide the attention an artist deserves.

We thank you for your interest in our agency, and for taking the time to consider our perspective.

How can I be an opening artist for one of your artists

You first need to see if the promoter is interested in having an opening artist. If the promoter is interested, they need to contact Fleming Artists for the headliner's approval.

If you have an established relationship with an artist who is supportive of your work, approach them to see if you can be an opener. If arranged in advance, this detail would be contracted as part of the original deal with the promoter.

Many of our artists are supportive of openers, since that is the way they got started but you would still need to approach the promoter first.

Can one of your artists perform at my benefit/fundraiser?

We often receive requests for artists to perform for benefits and fundraisers. While no one argues that there are many causes deserving the attention of the general public, artists do not always have the opportunity or the luxury to lend their support by virtue of performing a concert gratis.

Many artists have charity organizations to which they offer their support. Some artists advise us as to nonprofit entities or charities they are interested in supporting with a benefit or fundraiser. While our turning down the request for such a performance is not a reflection of the inquiring cause, it is, at times, our realistic answer on behalf of the artist. Keep in mind that a touring artist supports him/herself by playing for paying audiences. Asking an artist to absorb all the costs involved in traveling to perform and, in essence, do their job for free is not always a realistic inquiry.

Therefore, we offer you the following information if pursuing a benefit or fundraiser concert is your goal:

  • Fundraiser is defined as an event where any profit realized is committed to a specific charity/nonprofit. The event producer covers all productions costs (such as performance space, Artist fee, technical requirements, hospitality, promotion, etc.), and then funnels any profits after the show costs towards a specific cause. Keep in mind that while an Artist may agree to perform at a fundraising event for a reduced fee, the Artist is still compensated for their performance.
  • Benefit is defined as an event where all money collected is for a specific recipient, be it a cause, charity or other. Many benefit performances ask that the Artist perform for no fee, with the performance fee instead being 'donated' by the performer back to the cause. In this case, typically the expenses an Artist incurs to play such a show (travel and lodging, for example) are reimbursed by the event producer. It is important to note that an Artist's technical requirements are to be provided by the producer, and at no cost to the Artist.

If you are inquiring about an Artist for either a fundraiser or benefit event, please provide the following information for us to consider your request:

  1. Logistics:
    Proposed date or dates for the event
    Venue information, including technical support
  2. Production
    Any shows previously produced by event's producer
    Professional sound engineer who is obligated to the event
  3. Funding
    Party responsible for financing event
    Fee availability to artist
    Expense reimbursement (lodging provided? Air or ground travels funds available?)
  4. Artist responsibilities
    Define Artist's participation (Please be specific! Meet & Greet required? Other performers on the bill?)
  5. Cause being supported
    Offer us the same information you would require if you were writing a check to a charity
With the exception of inquiries regarding Ani DiFranco, which go to Karla Rice, please submit your inquiry to our general email address contact@flemingartists.com and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person for response.

Can one of your artists perform at my wedding/special event?

We also receive many inquiries from those interested in hiring an artist to perform at a wedding or private events such as a birthday or an anniversary. Many Fleming artists politely decline such requests, but some are open to these bookings. The following information MUST be offered when making such an inquiry; incomplete inquiries will not be responded to.

  • What is the date of your wedding/event?
  • What is the specific location of the event (venue, city & state)?
  • How many guests are you expecting to attend the event?
  • What specifically is your expectation for the Artist's involvement (e.g. sing during the wedding ceremony, play at reception)?
  • Do you have any specific requests of song titles (e.g. "I'd like the artist to sing 'What A Wonderful World' for the first dance")?
  • Do you want to Artist to play for the reception? Do you intend for the music to be more background oriented? Or are you thinking of the performance as concert-type?
  • While specific technical requirements vary by Artist, all Artists require that professional sound equipment be provided. Are you prepared to meet these requirements?

Can you recommend other agencies, record labels or managers?

We have a long standing practice at Fleming Artists of not offering referrals to other agencies, labels or managers. As the recipient of many such referrals, it's difficult for us to not feel rather cornered by such calls. So, in the interest of what-goes-around-comes-around, we long ago adopted a policy of not doing unto others in the same fashion. Our bottom line is that we will not offer a referral unless we've first contacted the referral recipient for approval.