About Us

A Brief History

For almost 40 years now Fleming Artists has represented some of the world's finest and most respected touring artists. Founded in 1979 by Jim Fleming the agency is no stranger to the world of zealous touring, Fleming Artists looks after domestic and international performers with the countries of Canada, Australia, Ireland, and England represented, as well as numerous American troubadours. Performances booked by Fleming Artists include venues that encompass intimate listening rooms to outdoor amphitheaters; Arts Presenters to grassroots folk entrepreneurs.

Over the years Fleming Artists has gone through many changes, but our philosophies have remained constant: represent artists who have something to say through their art; artists who aspire to achieve the highest level of artistry. We maintain that equally important to us as are our artists, are our promoters. And we believe that consistently providing timely and quality service benefits the artists and the promoters, as well as ourselves.

Mission Statement

The mission of Fleming Artists is to represent high quality performing artists by providing them with a unique, thoughtful and individualized approach to concert booking. Our company is committed to the following:

  • Represent artists who improve the world through their artistic contributions
  • Develop, support and sustain long and successful international performing careers
  • Create, develop, support and sustain long and mutually beneficial relationships with those who support and present the music
  • Conduct business honestly, fairly, ethically and professionally in a timely manner
  • Provide the company's staff with a professional, friendly, mutually respectful and economically healthy work environment
  • Conduct overall operations profitably


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