The Singing OUT Tour

The Singing OUT Tour

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Ask anyone about the new generation of social justice music-makers and they'll mention either Heather Mae or Crys Matthews. Mae, a powerhouse performer and earthshaking vocalist, has turned her personal struggle with mental health and body image into an empowering message of self-love, a universal light force that shines for every audience member. Matthews is a powerful lyricist whose songs of compassionate dissent reflect her lived experience as what she lightheartedly calls "the poster-child for intersectionality". These two singer-songwriters have joined forces with JJ Jones (Girlyman) and Joe Stevens (Coyote Grace) for The Singing OUT Tour.

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Jim Fleming, Agent

734-995-9066 ext 18

Lara Supan / Mile One Touring, Management


Susan Hubbard / Lucky Bird Media, Publicist

Messages of social justice and hope, storytelling delivered by 4 forces of nature in a powerful collective message.

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