Rachael Kilgour

Rachael Kilgour

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Rachael Kilgour is an award-winning songwriter and performing artist whose sincere, lyric-driven work bravely walks the line between personal and political. The 2015 grand prize winner of the esteemed international NewSong Music Performance & Songwriting Competition, Kilgour has been featured at NYC’s Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., and at the Sundance Film Festival. She was also chosen as a winner in the 2017 Kerrville New Folk Contest.

In February of 2019, Kilgour released her new EP, 'Game Changer'. The aptly titled work examines the artist’s tentative first steps into a new world, post-heartbreak. With a clear head, Kilgour touches on the complicated nature of romance and relationship, sets up a stunning defense of queer love, and reassesses her priorities as a citizen of a changing wider world.

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Game Changer

Gar Ragland / New song Recordings, Record Label

Passionate & engaging, with simmering ballads and a transcendent voice to blur the barrier between performer and audience.
"Kilgour's unapologetic lyrics are a real treat"
-Rolling Stone

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