Ordinary Elephant

Ordinary Elephant

Ordinary Elephant
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International Folk Music Awards 2017 Artist of the Year Ordinary Elephant captivates audiences with their emotionally powerful and vulnerable songs, letting the listener know that they are not alone in this world. The collaboration of husband and wife Pete and Crystal Damore, their connection, and their influences (such as Gillian Welch, Guy Clark, Anais Mitchell) all meet on stage. “Two become one, in song... hand-in-glove harmonies surprise the listener with focused intensity and musical mastery,” says Mary Gauthier.

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Ordinary Elephant, Interviews

Understated elegance warmed with snug harmonies, stellar songwriting, and potent poetry.
“It is pure. It’s masterful. It is brilliant in the simplicity of two voices and two instruments spinning together, intertwining in utter beauty and perfection, even in its imperfections.”
-Red Line Roots

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