Louise Goffin

Louise Goffin

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Louise was born in Brooklyn and, with her songwriting parents, migrated west to be raised in LA’s Laurel Canyon during an exciting time in music history. As a child, she was immersed in the halcyon days of the emergence of singer-songwriters’ explosion into pop culture.

Goffin is a writer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and artist. She released her debut album “Kid Blue” on a major label (Elektra-Asylum) when she was 19, and has gone on to release eight albums on both majors and her own independent Majority of One.

Her latest single, "All These Hellos (ft. Billy Harvey)," was released in April 2018. Her previous record was “The Essential Louise Goffin Vol 1” - released in 2016. Louise both wrote songs for and produced an album for Carole King (on Concord) that was Grammy Nominated in 2011.

Goffin and Paul Zollo co-host a podcast called The Great Song Adventure where they interview legendary songwriters, musicians and producers about the magic and mysteries of making music in modern times.

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All These Hellos (Fall 2018)

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Writer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, artist; next-generation of songwriter royalty
"The Apple did not fall far from the tree with singer-songwriter Louise Goffin. Her brilliant mother, Carole King instilled a deep, abiding love of melody."
-San Francisco Examiner

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