Alice Howe

Alice Howe

Alice Howe
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Howe’s path to “up-and-coming” artist seems both fated and winding. She grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, in a home filled with music and art. Long outdoor walks were encouraged, and Howe would often disappear to wander through her grandmother’s garden next door or to journal and turn experiences into songs. “I can’t remember not singing,” she says with a laugh. While music was always her companion, it didn’t become her profession until she decided to attend the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference in 2016.

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Maggie Poulos / Mixtape Music, Publicist

Luminous alto voice full of warmth; smart and affecting lyrics flavored with wit and irreverence.
"A gem... at once of the moment and personal, timeless and universal."
-Americana UK/Mark Walton

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